Shiloh church history

In 1924, in the living room of Reverend and Mrs. Berry Black’s home near 45th and Indiana, several missionaries gathered to organize and found Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church.

Reverend Lewis Brown was selected as Shiloh’s first pastor. The church was moved to 4601 South State Street. Then, in 1926, the Reverend Daniel Phillips was appointed as pastor. As the membership continued to grow, Reverend Phillips relocated the congregation to 4529 South State Street and then again in 1933 to 4821 S. Wabash Avenue. Pastor Phillips served Shiloh’s congregation until his death in 1936.

Following Pastor Phillip’s death, Reverend H.E. McWilliams was installed as Shiloh’s third pastor. Through Pastor McWilliams’s tireless work Shiloh acquired more property and made its way clear of debt. Reverend McWilliams retired in 1946, at which time his assist minister Reverend Roy Faulkner became pastor.

Under Reverend Faulkner’s leadership and wisdom, Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church continued to grow and eventually became known as one of the premier houses of worship in Chicago. Reverend Faulkner remained pastor until his death in 1961. Following Faulkner in the pastoral position at Shiloh was Reverend Gordon A. Humphrey. Reverend Humphrey would leave Bethel Baptist Church of Akron, Ohio to become Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church’s fifth pastor.

Pastor Humphrey Sr. ushered in a period of peace, stewardship, spiritual growth, and community outreach, which fostered growth in membership and national recognition for Shiloh. As in the past, the membership outgrew its home and moved to what would become a historical landmark at 4840 S. Dorchester Avenue. Under Pastor Humphrey Sr. the congregation celebrated its second mortgage burning ceremony. In 1992, Shiloh proudly opened its doors to provide shelter to homeless women and children.

In 2005 Shiloh’s congregation moved to its current location at 10540 S. Halsted St. In February of 2006, Pastor Gordon Humphrey, Sr. was called home. As God would have it Pastor Humphrey Sr.’s son Gordon A. Humphrey, Jr. heard the call and stepped into his place as Pastor of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. Pastor Humphrey, Jr.’s Sunday Night Live and Wednesday Hot Topic bible study fast became Shiloh events to look forward to. Joining Humphrey Jr. in leading Shiloh was his in Christ and brother-in-law, Co-Pastor Rodney S. Patterson. Together they led the congregation through transitions designed to prepare Shiloh for operating in today\’s every changing cultural climate.

With the unexpected passing of Pastor Gordon A. Humphrey, Jr. on December 14, 2014 – Shiloh entered into a period of acknowledging the loss of a great man, while celebrating the life of an incredible spiritual leader. In January 2015, the church affirmed Rodney Patterson\’s transition to the role of interim pastor of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. Then, on March 17, 2015 Rodney Patterson was confirmed as Pastor of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church.

Historic Legacy

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church's former home  at 4840 S. Dorchester Avenue, Chicago is a historical landmark and was a shelter to homeless women and children. With membership numbering in the thousands, it is said to have been one of the first mega churches in the black community.