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About the Program

Google seeks to empower underrepresented communities through the church by making technology accessible in a trusted, proximate, and familiar environment in hopes of bridging the digital divide and driving opportunities for communities underrepresented in tech.

Google's pilot Churches program is rooted in the idea that churches are a historical pillar of black culture and can play a central role in closing the Digital Divide in African American communities. The work to-date has been a partnership between the Google Diversity and Google Fiber Community Impact teams, impacting in 4 areas:

  • Community Engagement -1500+ community members reached through digital literacy training provided by 4 fellows working in 14 churches in atlanta & Bay Area
  • Research - 1800+ survey responses and 370 leaders engaged in focused groups at COGIC, AME-Z national conventions. Ideation session with community members and partners at Rainbow Push Convention to codified learnings. 
  • Digital Skills Education & Training - Values Partnership and Rainbow PUSH soft launched the Connected Churches Digital Toolkit. 302 young adults in 34 churches have been trained on the Connected Churches Digital Toolkit. Young adults train older members of congregations.
  • Relationships - Through our partners Rainbow PUSH, Values Partnership, and Fellowship partner NTEN, we have built relationships in the black faith-based community where Google was previously absent.


Connected churches powered by Google

When communities have access to technology, the possiblities are limitless. We created Connected Churches to ensure that communities of faith have acess to technology and information on how to use it at places of worship and at home.

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