Bishop Gordon A. Humphrey, Jr.

December 5, 1954 – December 14, 2014

Bishop Gordon Arlester Humphrey Jr. was a native of Ohio, educated in the public schools of Chicago, Illinois, and reared under the God led guidance of his parents, Gordon Sr. and Helen Humphrey. Although Pastor Humphrey Jr. attended Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia it was through the tutelage of people like his parents, other ministerial mentors, and God’s divine providence that grew him into the man of God for which he became known.

Pastor Humphrey Jr. was known for his penetrating delivery that proved impactful and effective in the urban communities where his ministry often served. He was gifted to be able to speak to individuals from all walks of life and impress upon them the power and peace afforded to those who willingly gave their lives to Christ.

In an effort to reach more people, 20 years ago, Pastor Humphrey Jr. established Sunday Night Live services. These high energy, musically enthused, practical application of the Word services – welcomed the community with a come as you are invitation to all. Sunday Night Live! services provided a nonjudgmental and unconventionally condemnation-free experience for those who otherwise may not have attended church service. The Sunday Night Live experienced proved so successful that it has been modeled by pastors in churches across the United States.

As a powerful singer and skilled musician Pastor Humphrey Jr. was sought after for his gift of ministering through music. One of his musical ministry highlights was his involvement as the executive producer of an acclaimed CD entitled, Olivet Oakland, Sunday Night Live! You’re in the Right Place at the Right Time. The project gained national and international recognition for its inspirational and spirit-filled message.

After the death of his father, Pastor Humphrey Jr. was led to make Chicago his home base, moving him away from his 30-year ministry at the Olivet Institutional Church in Oakland, California. He returned to Chicago where he assumed the position of Senior Pastor of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. Pastor Humphrey Jr.’s bold style, heartfelt delivery, and uncompromising proclamation of the Word, proved him the rightful heir to the pulpit at Shiloh Missionary Baptist church. It was abundantly apparent that he was inspired by God, directed by the Spirit, and passionate about the people and their growth in living God’s Word.

Reverend Humphrey, Sr. was known for having an open door policy when it came to mentoring young preachers and pastors. As a result, he was instrumental in the founding of several churches including:

Olivet Institutional Baptist Church in Oakland, California, New Alpha Missionary Baptist Church, in Burlington, Vermont, Salem Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois, and Ebenezer Baptist Church in Lansing, Michigan. All of these ministries expanded to provide leadership to countless other preachers, pastors, and ministries. Reverend Humphrey, Sr. ordained more than 20 ministers as he consistently committed himself to responding to the Lord\’s call to nurture and mentor those around him.

Pastor Gordon A. Humphrey, Jr. was the loving father of two children, Gordon Jr. and CharRena. Forever a servant, Pastor Humphrey, Jr. will be sorely missed and mentioned often because he leaves a powerful legacy. We mourn the loss as we celebrate his illustrious life.